Reddy Anna Book Teen Patti

Get ready for an exciting 3-card poker game Teen Patti with Reddy Anna Book. Teen Patti is designed for 3 to 6 players, each aiming to have the best 3-card hand and place strategic bets before the showdown.
reddy anna book teen patti

How to Play Teen Patti?

Each player receives 3 face-down cards, and before the deal, an agreed-upon boot amount is collected from everyone. This serves as the minimum stake that goes into the pot, the central money pool on the table. As the game progresses, the pot grows, and the winner of each hand takes home the winnings. The ultimate victor is the player with the highest or best hand at the end of the game.

Hand Ranking

Hands are ranked from the highest to the lowest:

  • Trail (Three of a Kind/Set/Trio): Three cards of the same rank, with Aces being the highest and twos the lowest.
  • Pure Sequence (Straight Flush/Run): Three consecutive cards within the same suit, like A-K-Q of diamonds.
  • Sequence (Straight/Normal Run): Three consecutive cards, not necessarily within the same suit.
  • Color (Flush/Colours): Three cards in the same suit but not in sequence. The highest color is A-K-J, and the lowest is 5-3-2.
  • Pair (Two of a Kind): Two cards of the same rank, with A-A-K being the highest pair and 2-2-3 the lowest.
  • High Card: If the cards don’t fit any of the above, compare the highest card first. A-K-J is the best hand, and 5-3-2 is the lowest.

How to Bet on Teen Patti with Reddy Anna Book

The game begins to the left of the dealer, proceeding clockwise. Players can bet blind (without seeing their cards) or bet after looking. Bets circulate around the table, and players have the option to fold, losing their betting opportunities and sacrificing their pot contribution.

For blind players, betting without seeing their cards, there’s an exciting option to ask for a blind show, revealing cards and determining the winner under specific conditions. Blind players can make strategic moves, placing bets equal to or less than twice the total in the pot.

Seen players, those who look at their cards before betting, follow a different set of rules. They can either place bets or fold, and they must match or exceed the stake amount, which is half their blind counterparts’ bet.

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